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This is the index of all my current/recent projects ... eventually I will add a link down at the bottom for older, archived stuff. Meanwhile, you can locate the old stories and fandoms in my cloud of tags.


Standalone/One-shots --

Wild Wood (Jack/Ianto, mature)
Jack Harkness has many ghosts. Most of them are himself.

Making with Tradition (Jack/Ianto, standard)
Jack, Ianto, and Christmas Eve in the Hub. Holiday fic.


Chapter/Multi-part --

Acts of Mercy; AU, Jack/Ianto
An accident of the Rift leaves Ianto and Tosh trapped in 1941. An alternate telling of 1x12, 'Captain Jack Harkness.'

Prologue: 'Kiss the Boys Goodbye'
Chapter One: 'I'll Be Seeing You'
Chapter Two: 'Goodnight, Wherever You Are'
Chapter Three: 'Good Morning, Heartache'
Chapter Four: 'I've Heard That Song Before'
Chapter Five: 'I'll Walk Alone'
Chapter Six: 'Flying Home'
Chapter Seven: 'There Will Never Be Another You'
Chapter Eight: 'Don't Sit Under the Apple Tree (with Anyone Else but Me)'
Chapter Nine: 'I Don't Want to Set the World on Fire'

Deleted Scene: 'Good Cop, Bad Cop'


Written for writerinadrawer:

2.01: 'Etching' (PG, 1918 gen)
2.02: 'Post-Nuptial' (PG-13, implied Jack/Ianto)
2.03: 'The Not-So-Fantastic Five' (PG, gen with implied Jack/Ianto)
2.04: 'Somebody's Going to Emergency, Somebody's Going to Jail' (PG-13, gen with implied Jack/Ianto)
2.05: 'The Start of a Trend' (PG, 1918 and precanon)
2.06: 'Remember Thee' (PG-13, Ianto-centric with Jack/Ianto)
2.07: 'So as Not to be the Martyred Slaves of Time' (PG-13, Ianto-centric)
2.99: 'Mental Health Day' (PG, Jack/Ianto)
2.08: 'Wires Crossed' (PG-13, Jack/Ianto lite)
2.09: 'Kiss the Boys Goodbye' (PG-13, implied Jack/Ianto)
2.10: 'We'll Always Have Paris' (PG, 1918 gen)
2.11: 'Personal Days' (PG, Ianto-centric)


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without you i'm nothing

while we wait for a proper update ...

DRABBLE: Held in the Arms of
NOTES: From a prompt from exfatalist, 100 words of an AU where Ianto tends to Jack's wounds after S04E01, "The New World."


“You shouldn’t be here.”

“Don’t tell me why I’m not already.” Ianto peels up Jack’s undershirt and smooths his hand over the purpling bruise.

Jack flinches away; tells himself it’s the pain, not the sensation of being touched by a ghost.

Ianto hushes him when he tries to speak again, won’t let Jack apologize or question. When Jack wakes the next morning, his arms are empty. He wonders if he imagined it; if he’s gone mad, until he spots the cup of coffee, a simple note propped against it:

Don’t blame yourself.

3-SENTENCE: Three (run-on) sentences on the prompt from exfatalist, "Doctor/Master. S3 AU, wherein the Doctor does 'keep' the Master. :3"


Come with me, the Doctor practically begs, I can fix it, I can make it better — but it takes only days before the Master realizes the Doctor cannot fix anything at all; that in fact, the Doctor understands even less about the Master’s madness than the Master does himself.

Still, the Master does not leave; he cannot even explain to himself why, except that the Doctor probably has some clever and ridiculous plan to keep him confined, like perhaps his old wreck of a Type 40 might be programmed to stop the Master dead in his tracks on his way out the police box door.

Eventually, the drumming can only be relieved by physical exertion, and the Master finds himself most surprised by what outlet the Doctor chooses to offer; when he wrestles the Doctor to the grated floor of the console room he demands to know why the Doctor chose to keep him, only to be startled and offended by his arch enemy’s laughing response: “You could have left any time you wanted … I haven’t been keeping you, you’ve been choosing to stay.”

what can i say

one day, i blew the dust off this journal and promptly choked on the resultant cloud.

So, I'm here to speak on the state of the ... writing? Something.

Acts of Mercy, first and foremost. YES, I am still working on it. YES, I do plan to finish. In fact, I have the ending written already ... and I've even started writing something else set in the same 'world.' Unfortunately, it's some of the other bits that I'm having difficulties with. I'd call it 95% finished right now, and I hope to update soon. Though, being honest with myself (and you), it will probably be after Dragon*Con.

So, if anyone is hanging in there with me, I appreciate it. I thank you for your patience, and I promise I might be in cold storage, but not for much longer.

In the meantime, I recommend my BFF and beta reader exfatalist's new(ish) story, No Harm (opens in new window; mild mature rating for some adult content).

instrument of war

Torchwood: 'Acts of Mercy,' 9/?

Title: Acts of Mercy
Pairing: Jack/Ianto
Rating: M
Spoilers: Direct for S1, but everything including some book canon.
Summary: AU telling of 'Captain Jack Harkness' - what if Ianto had been taken to 1941 with Tosh, leaving Jack behind to wait and wonder?

Author's Note: Yes, really. I'm updating, after a year and a half ... or more. While you're here, check out the DELETED SCENE that I posted a while back but no one noticed because I failed to promote it anywhere! Thanks to exfatalist for being a constant source of encouragement. This chapter was named by and is dedicated to her!

Last Part: Chapter Eight - Don't Sit Under the Apple Tree (with Anyone Else but Me)

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Next Part:

byronic hero

still here, I promise.

So, your friendly neighborhood writer here ... feeling terrible!

First, I'd like to thank those people who are sticking with me - either checking back for updates, or for taking a chance to read Acts of Mercy, my long-neglected WIP.

I want to assure everyone that this project hasn't been abandoned. I have a lot of unposted material written, but I've been waffling a lot on the ending (not deciding how it ends, just getting it finalized!), so I haven't posted anything yet.

However, I do have a wonderful (and long suffering) beta reader, and I should be able to get a proper chapter out soon.

In the meantime, I have an offering of a scene that I wrote for the story, but which was cut because there was no good place to put it. Still, I do consider it to take place in the same universe.

As always, remember that friending this journal is the best way to keep up with my updates!

byronic hero

Torchwood: 'Acts of Mercy,' 8/?

Title: Acts of Mercy
Pairing: Jack/Ianto
Rating: Various; standard for this chapter.
Spoilers: Direct for S1 and S2, but everything including some book canon (specifically Twilight Streets, and especially in this chapter)
Summary: AU telling of 'Captain Jack Harkness' - what if Ianto had been taken to 1941 with Tosh, leaving Jack behind to wait and wonder?

Author's Note: This chapter came forth kicking and screaming, with lots of whinging, claims from myself that I would never finish it, never write again, and of course the horrible blow to fandom that was Children of Earth. But it's finally here, with lots of patience from exfatalist in helping to keep me sane and avoid embarrassing typographical errors.

Last Part: Chapter 7 - There Will Never Be Another You

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Next Part: Chapter Nine - I Don't Want to Set the World on Fire


meta: coe, etc.

Now that Children of Earth, with its multiple (open-ended, abandoned, never to be resolved) revelations, is over, I felt it necessary to say a little something. This is not a critique of the series, nor an intention to review, except for how it will affect me creatively. That said, a few notes ...

Acts of Mercy, as a series one AU, will remain largely the same. Some mentions may crop up here and there, but at the moment I consider it unlikely, except for one. One chapter will be revised to include acknowledgment of Ianto's sister, Rhiannon. I formed an idea of Ianto's upbringing after 'Fragments' and Gary Russell's Torchwood Archives that was pretty much what canon went on to give me in CoE: Day One. Whether Rhiannon will come into play in my narrative, I can't say yet, but she was a door I definitely didn't want to leave closed.

At the present time, I do not have plans of going back and revising any completed stories, which are all one-shots anyway. They were written in a frame of mind for everything we knew of any member of the team through the end of series two.

As to whether I will incorporate any of series three into future fic projects, I can't say. I doubt my interest in writing anything out of the blue, but I am participating in this round of writerinadrawer, so it's very likely I could get a prompt that screams at me to be written in/around CoE. I hope that, even if you didn't like the series, that if you have enjoyed my work, you will stick around to read it.

On a final note, I realize that fandom is broad and we all have opinions. I have my own, which I'll not share here. There are a lot of mixed emotions and strong feelings out there. But I encourage all my fandom family to remember and embrace what it is that you love about Torchwood: its characters, stories, actors, and all the moments that have been special and memorable, that have made you laugh or cry, that hold a place in your heart. Hold on to that, support each other, and we'll keep on keeping on.


so, um ...

I'm not dead! :D I've noticed there are a couple of new people puttering about the friends list these days, too; I've added you guys back - welcome to the party! Not that ... there's much party right now.

So, news!

Thing the First: I am participating in Round 3 of writerinadrawer. I had decided not to do it again if it happened immediately after Round 2, but since it's been quite the long while, I figured I could use the muse that comes from getting prompts and deadlines. I can't tell you what I've written while the voting is going, but I recommend that everyone head on over there and read and vote once the challenges start!

Thing the Second: Acts of Mercy is not dead. Chapter eight is sitting in pieces right now, at currently about 1,800 words (for reference, last chapter was about 5,500). If I'm lucky, I will finish it this weekend, get it over to the always lovely and charming exfatalist for a beta, and have it posted as soon as I can.

And how have you beautiful people been? :)