Finding Beauty (stray_heart) wrote,
Finding Beauty

so, um ...

I'm not dead! :D I've noticed there are a couple of new people puttering about the friends list these days, too; I've added you guys back - welcome to the party! Not that ... there's much party right now.

So, news!

Thing the First: I am participating in Round 3 of writerinadrawer. I had decided not to do it again if it happened immediately after Round 2, but since it's been quite the long while, I figured I could use the muse that comes from getting prompts and deadlines. I can't tell you what I've written while the voting is going, but I recommend that everyone head on over there and read and vote once the challenges start!

Thing the Second: Acts of Mercy is not dead. Chapter eight is sitting in pieces right now, at currently about 1,800 words (for reference, last chapter was about 5,500). If I'm lucky, I will finish it this weekend, get it over to the always lovely and charming exfatalist for a beta, and have it posted as soon as I can.

And how have you beautiful people been? :)

Tags: meta

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