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meta: coe, etc.

Now that Children of Earth, with its multiple (open-ended, abandoned, never to be resolved) revelations, is over, I felt it necessary to say a little something. This is not a critique of the series, nor an intention to review, except for how it will affect me creatively. That said, a few notes ...

Acts of Mercy, as a series one AU, will remain largely the same. Some mentions may crop up here and there, but at the moment I consider it unlikely, except for one. One chapter will be revised to include acknowledgment of Ianto's sister, Rhiannon. I formed an idea of Ianto's upbringing after 'Fragments' and Gary Russell's Torchwood Archives that was pretty much what canon went on to give me in CoE: Day One. Whether Rhiannon will come into play in my narrative, I can't say yet, but she was a door I definitely didn't want to leave closed.

At the present time, I do not have plans of going back and revising any completed stories, which are all one-shots anyway. They were written in a frame of mind for everything we knew of any member of the team through the end of series two.

As to whether I will incorporate any of series three into future fic projects, I can't say. I doubt my interest in writing anything out of the blue, but I am participating in this round of writerinadrawer, so it's very likely I could get a prompt that screams at me to be written in/around CoE. I hope that, even if you didn't like the series, that if you have enjoyed my work, you will stick around to read it.

On a final note, I realize that fandom is broad and we all have opinions. I have my own, which I'll not share here. There are a lot of mixed emotions and strong feelings out there. But I encourage all my fandom family to remember and embrace what it is that you love about Torchwood: its characters, stories, actors, and all the moments that have been special and memorable, that have made you laugh or cry, that hold a place in your heart. Hold on to that, support each other, and we'll keep on keeping on.

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