Finding Beauty (stray_heart) wrote,
Finding Beauty

still here, I promise.

So, your friendly neighborhood writer here ... feeling terrible!

First, I'd like to thank those people who are sticking with me - either checking back for updates, or for taking a chance to read Acts of Mercy, my long-neglected WIP.

I want to assure everyone that this project hasn't been abandoned. I have a lot of unposted material written, but I've been waffling a lot on the ending (not deciding how it ends, just getting it finalized!), so I haven't posted anything yet.

However, I do have a wonderful (and long suffering) beta reader, and I should be able to get a proper chapter out soon.

In the meantime, I have an offering of a scene that I wrote for the story, but which was cut because there was no good place to put it. Still, I do consider it to take place in the same universe.

As always, remember that friending this journal is the best way to keep up with my updates!

Tags: meta, update

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