Finding Beauty (stray_heart) wrote,
Finding Beauty

one day, i blew the dust off this journal and promptly choked on the resultant cloud.

So, I'm here to speak on the state of the ... writing? Something.

Acts of Mercy, first and foremost. YES, I am still working on it. YES, I do plan to finish. In fact, I have the ending written already ... and I've even started writing something else set in the same 'world.' Unfortunately, it's some of the other bits that I'm having difficulties with. I'd call it 95% finished right now, and I hope to update soon. Though, being honest with myself (and you), it will probably be after Dragon*Con.

So, if anyone is hanging in there with me, I appreciate it. I thank you for your patience, and I promise I might be in cold storage, but not for much longer.

In the meantime, I recommend my BFF and beta reader exfatalist's new(ish) story, No Harm (opens in new window; mild mature rating for some adult content).

Tags: meta, update

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