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DRABBLE: Held in the Arms of
NOTES: From a prompt from exfatalist, 100 words of an AU where Ianto tends to Jack's wounds after S04E01, "The New World."


“You shouldn’t be here.”

“Don’t tell me why I’m not already.” Ianto peels up Jack’s undershirt and smooths his hand over the purpling bruise.

Jack flinches away; tells himself it’s the pain, not the sensation of being touched by a ghost.

Ianto hushes him when he tries to speak again, won’t let Jack apologize or question. When Jack wakes the next morning, his arms are empty. He wonders if he imagined it; if he’s gone mad, until he spots the cup of coffee, a simple note propped against it:

Don’t blame yourself.

3-SENTENCE: Three (run-on) sentences on the prompt from exfatalist, "Doctor/Master. S3 AU, wherein the Doctor does 'keep' the Master. :3"


Come with me, the Doctor practically begs, I can fix it, I can make it better — but it takes only days before the Master realizes the Doctor cannot fix anything at all; that in fact, the Doctor understands even less about the Master’s madness than the Master does himself.

Still, the Master does not leave; he cannot even explain to himself why, except that the Doctor probably has some clever and ridiculous plan to keep him confined, like perhaps his old wreck of a Type 40 might be programmed to stop the Master dead in his tracks on his way out the police box door.

Eventually, the drumming can only be relieved by physical exertion, and the Master finds himself most surprised by what outlet the Doctor chooses to offer; when he wrestles the Doctor to the grated floor of the console room he demands to know why the Doctor chose to keep him, only to be startled and offended by his arch enemy’s laughing response: “You could have left any time you wanted … I haven’t been keeping you, you’ve been choosing to stay.”

Tags: doctor who, doctor/master, drabble, jack/ianto, meme, torchwood

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