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WIAD, 2.02 - 'Post-Nuptial' (Torchwood, implied Jack/Ianto, PG-13)

Written for writerinadrawer's 2.02 challenge, which was to write a diary entry of a character during the events of series two, with the added element of a weather event.

Title: Post-Nuptial
Rating: PG-13 for suggestive content.
Warnings/Spoilers: 2.09, 'Something Borrowed'

Gwen's wedding day.

Attempting to record this from a somewhat hazy memory, as it is technically the day after Gwen's wedding day. Woke up this morning to find self in tangled state of semi-undress. Not unexpectedly, found Jack lying in similar condition a few feet away. Found sock on lampshade and tie around Jack's head; think he might have found this cute while drunk. Still have not located trousers; will be most distressed if they are lost, and request company compensation.

Yesterday resulted in embarrassing trip to Pronuptia to pick out new wedding dress for Gwen, as she woke up unexpectedly pregnant. (Have checked self; not in similar condition this morning.) Attempted to set self up for pre-wedding shag with Jack; was interrupted by Owen.

On that note, encountered alien life form known as Nostrovite. A shapeshifter, it happened to have infected Gwen with its offspring. Problem here being that Mum Nostrovite wanted her - its? - egg back. (See sketch for likeness of alien shapeshifting gland.)

Entire fiasco resulted in a mortifying scenario. Get the feeling Jack enjoyed yelling 'stop the wedding!' entirely too much, as he is currently in shower singing what sounds suspiciously like 'Crashed the Wedding.'

Alien was eventually subdued, taken out by special equipment from back of SUV. On further note of Jack enjoying things too much, am relatively certain he was turned on by our teamwork assembly of said weapon.

Served as DJ at the reception, as the former DJ was eaten by the Nostrovite. Fortunately, we retconned the entirety of the guests save ourselves, so lingering embarrassment should be minimal.

Attempted romance with Jack for second time in the day; was this time preempted by Jack himself going to dance with Gwen. Finally had to resign myself to cutting in; another social faux pas followed when Gwen mistakenly thought I wanted to dance with her. Was sorry to disappoint, but not too sorry.

Not entirely certain what happened after wedding clean-up, but suspect it involved alcohol (see prior notes on state of undress) and a trip to Chip Alley in the rain. Am questioning why a kebab seemed appealing at four in the morning, as it is currently congealing on my dining room table.

Jack is out of shower now and asking for breakfast - something about a Welsh tart.

Will conclude later.

Tags: ianto jones, jack/ianto, torchwood, writer in a drawer

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