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WIAD 2.04 - Somebody's Going to Emergency, Somebody's Going to Jail (TW gen, implied Jack/Ianto)

This was for the fourth week of writerinadrawer. I conceived the idea in an afternoon and wrote it in a night ... it wasn't quite as expanded-upon as I would have liked, due to the small word count allowed, but I can't say I'm totally unhappy with it, either. I was a little displeased with myself for adding to the growing amount of stories set after 2.13, but what can you do?

The prompt for this challenge was to use a West Wing episode title as your inspiration for a story. Mine was, 'Somebody's Going to Emergency, Somebody's Going to Jail.'

Title: Somebody's Going to Emergency, Somebody's Going to Jail
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: Episode 2.13, 'Exit Wounds'

Jack's body hits the ground, blood pooling, coat spread about him like great grey wings. He looks surprised. Ianto doesn't have time to wax poetic as he darts off after the weevil that's just gored his captain. They're spread thin, Gwen two blocks away, and all three running blind.

He knows it will be just moments before Jack revives and comes pounding off down the sidewalk behind him, as if nothing happened at all. But it doesn't stop him from feeling alone for the moment, or from missing (Tosh's) a soothing voice giving directions over the comms.

"Oy, you there!"

The voice isn't Jack's.

"Police! Stay where you are!"


The entire thing strikes Ianto as ironic. Hilarious, actually, that this has never happened before. The Detective Inspector doesn't seem to appreciate his perspective, or his smirk.

"Think it's bloody funny, do you?"

He does, but mostly Ianto's offended that they think, if he were so inclined to do murder (he's not), that he should be so sloppy. He's spent years cleaning up after the least-secret secret alien catching organization on the planet. Of course he wouldn't get caught.


Still, he can't deny his relief when Gwen shows up. He doesn't want to spend the night in jail; he'd rather like to go home, have tea, and enjoy a nice lie-in with Jack the next morning. That embarrassing shoplifting incident when he was a kid had been enough to teach Ianto that incarceration does not suit him well.

Gwen fidgets, sitting across from him. "They took Jack's -" Body, he knows she begins to say, "- they took Jack to the morgue. They called me in to identify him."

Ianto pretends that worry hasn't just multiplied tenfold. "Why isn't he here?"

"He's - in a drawer," she whispers, glancing at the door. "They won't release him back to us until they've done an autopsy."

He chokes on the very bad (not worth a pound coin) vending machine coffee. "They can't -"

"I know. We have to trust him to come back on his own."

They don't, the thought lingers unspoken in the air, have (Owen's) a doctor's medical clearance anymore, after all.


In the morgue of Royal Gwent, Jack Harkness comes alive with a gasp. The coroner drops his scalpel and nearly has a heart attack.


Getting Ianto released takes only a fraction of the effort that clean-up does. In the end, they retcon twenty-six people, and erase eighteen hours of CCTV footage.


"We could've handled this better," Jack says, hands on his hips.

Gwen and Ianto stare at the floor of the Hub like guilty children.

Jack pulls them both into his arms, stroking Gwen's hair and tucking Ianto's head beneath his chin. "We're understaffed," he continues quietly. "We have to fill the positions."

The word 'replace' never comes up. They can't replace them, and so they won't. All they can do is shift and grow, together, and trust that it will get easier with time.

Tags: jack/ianto, torchwood, writer in a drawer

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