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WIAD 2.05 - 'The Start of a Trend' (Torchwood, attempted Jack/Ianto)

I made it out of the team rounds of writerinadrawer. With the teams having been merged into one, our word count went down again. That was the biggest difficulty for me in this challenge, along with the prompt - 'Adding insult to injury.' Talk about vague! Fortunately, I wasn't alone in having trouble with it, apparently ... and ultimately, I think my effort could have been worse. I didn't ask for my feedback yet, but I get the feeling I'm probably one of the authors lurking in the tall grass.

Title: The Start of a Trend
Rating: PG
Warnings/Spoilers: Torchwood website content ('To the Last Man'-related), cheesy pickup lines, general silliness.

Jack Harkness, older than he looks but still not old enough to have learned his lesson, has no idea he's about to see the start of a trend.

"I'm leaving tomorrow on deployment."

"And?" Lydia questions archly.

"Well, thing is ..." He reaches out and takes her hand, interrupting her filing. "Yours could be the last hand I ever hold."

She pulls her hand away without ceremony. "Captain Harkness, forgive me if I'm mistaken, but last I checked, you were immortal."

"Well then, you could be the last person I sleep with before I go off to fill the trenches?"

Lydia slams his hand in the filing cabinet drawer and storms off. He swears, but the pain doesn't stop him from watching her trousers cling to her legs and thighs as she walks away.


Nearly a hundred years later, it must be noted Jack still hasn't done a very good job letting that lesson catch up to him.

Ianto Jones files with the same care and precision of his predecessor generations past, but he looks much better in a pair of finely-tailored trousers. And in six months of working at Torchwood Three, he's given less away than Lydia did in six days.

"Any plans for tonight?"

"Thought I might order in," Ianto replies distractedly, "catch up on EastEnders."

"You could order in here," Jack suggests, his most winning smile in place.

"I could order something for you before I go, sir."

It might be a record, the first time anyone has ever chosen Chinese take-out and soap operas over Jack Harkness. And it's another blow to his ego entirely that Ianto does it so politely; he doesn't even bother slamming a drawer before he walks away. (But Jack still enjoys watching him go.)

Tags: jack/ianto, torchwood, writer in a drawer

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