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WIAD 2.08 - Wires Crossed (PG-13, Jack/Ianto)

Title: Wires Crossed
Rating: PG-13, because I'm too naughty to be PG.
Notes: For writerinadrawer's 2.08 challenge, 'Being Innovative,' where a character uses something for a purpose other than it was intended. Added element, hand gesture. Takes place in early series two, pre-'Reset.'

"This reminds me of the time I ..." is the first thing Ianto hears when he wakes up.

This isn't entirely unusual, as Jack delights in tall tales, told in his most charismatic tone, with animated hand movements for effect. The statement might typically be followed by some outlandish occurrence or another, but having just woken up after being knocked unconscious, to find his hands cuffed behind him, Ianto isn't entirely in the mood to indulge the story.

"What happened?" he interrupts.

"Nest of mating Ifelians. Relatively harmless, we just triggered their self-preservation instinct."

Ianto tests the bonds, feeling the snug joints of the cuffs flex and reform to his wrists with the movement. He grunts his annoyance when he can't slip them like a rope. "Right. So what's the plan?"

Jack, sitting in a similar position beside him, grins cheekily. "We could just wait for Gwen and Owen to come rescue us." As Ianto's expression shifts into something even less amused, he changes tack: "Do you still have your stun gun?"

Leaning forward, Ianto feels the heavy weight of it swinging in his jacket's front pocket like a pendulum. "Yes."

Jack drags himself forward until he's facing Ianto, and a moment later, following a convoluted series of maneuvers showing just how talented Jack is with his mouth and tongue, he's triumphantly dropping the stun gun into Ianto's lap.

"I'm going to take your tie clip next," Jack instructs. "Take it between your teeth and drop it into my hands after I turn back around."

Thirty seconds later, Jack has shuffled back into place, components of the weapon hidden behind his back as he pries the side panel open with the tie clip.

"Am I allowed to ask what you're doing?" Ianto inquires, when Jack doesn't offer.

"If I tell you, it won't look as impressive."

Ianto rolls his eyes.

"Okay. These cuffs rely on a self-perpetuating energy current to hold them together. If I can disrupt it with a low-level electrical charge, we should be able to escape ... don't worry, if I remember my stuff, this alloy doesn't conduct electricity."

Both impressed and curious, Ianto falls silent, thinking about the curious, avian-looking aliens he'd briefly glimpsed. "How did you know what sort of aliens they were?"

"Encountered them once while ..." Jack hesitates, voice gruff with either distraction or emotion. "While I was traveling with the Doctor."

"Do you miss it, traveling with him?"

"You want an honest answer? Yes. Sometimes." Jack goes quiet for a moment. "But believe me when I say I'm exactly where I want to be."

Ianto quirks an eyebrow.

"Okay, maybe not at this exact moment," he amends, chuckling. Ianto hears something slide into place. "Turn around, you can try it on me first in case I crossed the wrong wires."

Ianto replies seriously, "I trust you." He stubbornly holds Jack's gaze until the other man relents. Ianto braces himself for a jolt, but only a mild tingle runs up his arms before the cuffs fall to the floor.

Jack grins his triumph. "Do me now."

"Maybe later," Ianto deadpans.

Seconds later, they're both free, trying to work the stiffness from their joints. Ianto steps forward and straightens Jack's greatcoat, which has slid half off his shoulders in the struggle.

"Do I get a reward for setting you free?" Jack raises a suggestive eyebrow.

"We're not free yet." Ianto puts the remains of the stun gun back in his pocket.

The captain sighs, long suffering. "All right, let's go inform our guests they need to find another planet to nest on. All in a day's work here at Torchwood!"



"Thank you."

Jack's smile as he bounds out the door is infectious, and Ianto can't help smiling as he follows him out.

Tags: ianto jones, jack harkness, jack/ianto, torchwood, writer in a drawer

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