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rec: 'perception' by exfatalist

I don't normally recommend things, mostly because there are lots of excellent communities out there dedicated to that purpose.

However, in a delightful turn of events, my friend and fantastic beta exfatalist has Written Something, and I don't think I'm biased when I say it's awesome.

So you should all go READ IT.

Oh, and if you want to know a silly thing like, say, what it's about:

Title: Perception
Rating: NC-17
Characters/Pairings: Jack/Ianto. Gwen makes a cameo mention.
Word Count: 2,079
Warnings: A spot of D/s. Spanking. Light bondage. Delayed (but not denied) gratification. (Missing scene from Adrift.)

Why should you READ IT? Well, exfatalist has a particularly excellent grasp and an awesome perspective on all the characters, particularly Jack and Ianto and their relationship dynamic. Let me just say, she writes the best treatment of dom!Ianto I've seen in a goodly long while.

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Torchwood: 'Acts of Mercy,' 7/?

Title: Acts of Mercy
Pairing: Jack/Ianto
Rating: Various; R/mature for this chapter.
Spoilers: Direct for S1 and S2, but everything including some book canon.
Summary: AU telling of 'Captain Jack Harkness' - what if Ianto had been taken to 1941 with Tosh, leaving Jack behind to wait and wonder?

Author's Note: Thanks to exfatalist, as usual, for being a wonderful beta reader, unafraid to point out anachronisms or stumbling sentences written while half-asleep, and forgiving me even after I did something in this chapter that made her hate me a little. Oops. Also thanks to all my wonderful and lovely readers for sticking with me and leaving comments even as I take ages to update - I promise I will get more consistent now that the holidays are over with!

Last Part: Chapter 6 - Flying Home

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Next Part: Chapter 8 - Don't Sit Under the Apple Tree (with Anyone Else but Me)

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eleven & a list

You know what? In response to Doctor Who and Eleven, I'm going to go out on a limb here and say ... that I trust The Powers That Be. I do not feel as bad about the guy as I thought I could. He's not that attractive to me, but nothing says the Doctor has to be omgsohot. Frankly, I'm tired of all of Tennant's utter cuteness. It's worn me out after so many series. Bring on the new guy.

Also, taken from littlepunkryo:

What are your top ten favourite Torchwood moments? If you can condense it into just ten, that is. Make a post on your journal of your top ten. You can tag people if you like, but I'm not going to. This is a personal top ten, so I want to see what you love the most, not the things you think you should love. With number one being the moment you love the most, of course. Spread this meme (and the love) around.

This is a placeholder - I'm going to come back and do this after I've had some time to think about it.



So, thanks to demotu name-dropping it, I joined getyourwordsout ... mind you, I did it on my personal journal, since I'm also going to be writing a bit of original fiction, which I shan't be posting anywhere, so you won't see this username around there anywhere.

I feel overly ambitious, even with the basic pledge of only 200k. (Only 200k? If I give myself RP to count, I probably wrote 400K+ in 2008 ...) I figure, though chapter seven of Acts of Mercy isn't done yet (and being honest with myself, probably won't be until 2009 is already here), I'll start as of chapter eight with counting the words toward my total.

This could all end in tears (not unlike invisible_lift's series).

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meta: canonicity of extra material

Somewhere along the way, I picked up 'Carter' as a last name for Gerald, leader of Torchwood Cardiff in 1918, as seen in episode 2x03, 'To the Last Man.' (Apparently this was listed somewhere and not just something I had pop to mind, because the Wiki article of Torchwood characters lists him as such as well.)

However, the fabulous exfatalist happened to give me The Torchwood Archives book for Christmas, and as I'm pawing through it, I find that Gerald's last name is listed as 'Kneale,' with 'C' as a middle initial. I realize the canonicity of extra material like this is questionable, but I believe this particular book (which includes much of the extras from the website, much to my glee) has been edited by Gary Russell, who is responsible for making sure extra things line up with canon.

... then again, the book also gives Ianto a sister. Named Rhiannon. So it's debatable whether I want to take this word as law or not.

This is a bit important to the next chapter of Acts of Mercy getting done, however, as I now get to decide whether or not to go back and revise all my stories so far that have featured Gerald. B| I am not a happy camper.

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torchwood: 'making with tradition' (standard, for tw_calender)

Title: Making with Tradition
Prompt: Day 3, Christmas Cracker, on tw_calender
Rating: PG/Standard; one risque/lewd/suggestive comment, but ... it's Jack.
Characters: Jack, Ianto
Summary: Christmas Eve in the Hub, and Jack and Ianto are alone together. (Disclaimer: Bad Christmas cracker joke is, in fact, a real joke found inside an actual cracker; author holds no responsibility for amounts of joke-induced groan.)

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harriet (1918 torchwood)

updates & such

I saw a few new people had added me to their friends list, so I just wanted to say hello to everyone and welcome aboard!

I've been insanely busy lately with the holidays (for me, personally, it's Christmas) and while I have a full outline for chapter 7 (what exfatalist and I have nicknamed 'the chapter with the porn'), it's only about 30% finished as of right now. I'm hoping to get it posted by Christmas, though.

On a sidenote, exfatalist is officially the best BFF-beta anyone could have, and an upstager of present-giving. What did I get her for Christmas? Music Music Music on CD. What did she get me? Tickets to the Music Music Music concert in Cardiff.

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WIAD 2.11 - Personal Days (Ianto-centric)

Title: Personal Days (Four Times Ianto Jones Took a Day Off, and One Time He Didn't)
Rating: Standard
Characters/Pairing: Ianto-centric, Jack/Ianto on the side
Notes: For writerinadrawer's round two, week eleven challenge, to write a 'five things' fic. I notoriously hate this as a format, and probably with good reason - this was the story that inevitably found me voted out.
Chronology: As people have noted confusion as to wht's going on where, I'll explain the chronological order here, by episode: Cyberwoman, Countrycide, some ambiguous time probably around They Keep Killing Suzie, post-End of Days (while Jack is gone), and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.

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harriet (1918 torchwood)

WIAD 2.10 - We'll Always Have Paris (1918 Torchwood)

Title: We'll Always Have Paris
Rating: Standard
Pairings: None
Notes: For writerinadrawer's round two, tenth week, Como Say What? with the added element of five words in another language. I wrote this back several months ago and never got around to posting it here, so I figured I should add it for the sake of completion.

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